Making Indoor Plants Part of Your Home

Do you ever look at your home and wish you could revamp your space to make it feel more like a sanctuary where you can feel calm, peaceful, and inspired?

These days, our lives are so fast-paced life, and while we are often caught up in our self-made time loop, we often forget the blessings that nature has provided us with. We understand that sometimes it might not be possible to get out and appreciate nature, but we can always bring the outdoors home, to our living spaces, with indoor plants.

And while indoor plants are a beautiful addition to your home, they also have numerous health benefits that have been proven scientifically.

From making your space attractive to reducing stress, let’s look at the benefits of why you should have indoor plants in your home.

1. Removes toxins and purifies air:

Indoor plants clean indoor air and helps to purify and freshen up your home. It's been estimated that clean, healthy indoor plants can contribute to the removal of up to 87% of volatile organic compounds from the home. In fact, NASA put houseplants to work in their space station environments as a natural cleansing tool.

2. Improves mental health:

Imagine, walking in a park where you are surrounded with lush green trees, bustling with fresh air and beautiful flowers and plants. Just thinking about this brings us a sense of peace and happiness. Indoor plants provide us with clean air and enough oxygen in our living space and releases good hormones to reduce anxiety and stress. A study shows that having flowers and plants in your home makes relaxed and peaceful.

3. Improves productivity:

Do you find it hard to focus when there's a task you're dreading? Well, including indoor plants to your workspace might just give you the boost that you need. A study by Journal of Experimental Psychology confirmed that having plants in the workspace increases the work effectiveness, task performance as well as over-all wellbeing of people.

4. Can be used as a decorative piece:

Indoor plants can be used as a decorative piece and give a natural feel to the room. Either using a small potted plant for your work desk or using a huge plant as a statement piece, it gives a perfect mix of modern and fresh looks to your interior. However, one has to be mindful of the space and the style of interior décor before selecting any indoor plant.

Indoor plants are the essential ingredients of every home decoration and our modern life. It brings us closer to the nature in our own living space. When you have an indoor plant, you are improving your lifestyle with an additional element of nature. The plant is there for you, and it will thrive in whatever conditions you give it.

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