Divinely Inspired

Sometimes clarity and opportunity come after hard times.

7 months ago, after things didn't seem to be going my way and had reached a dead end I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

I could see the space that I wanted to create, the feeling I wanted for my workplace and a place where others could find it too.

I had a vision and the universe provided.

It happened slowly with small steps but giant personal leaps. Not without a lot of stress, anxiety, epic mood-swings and sleepless nights but I took each day as it came and put it together piece by piece.

It started with the perfect location in North Adelaide where I could base my retail space and Louise Marie Interior Design.

I sourced an amazing range of homewares, textiles and soft furnishings from wholesalers, talented artists and local designers to showcase in my store.

From there I forged a network of passionate and creative people, the perfect team who shared my vision and helped to turn all of the things in my head into a real-life shop.

All of these beautiful individuals have helped me bring my dreams to reality so my customers can enjoy that feeling of happiness and contentment in their world with even the smallest of pleasures.

Welcome to ēlysēen.

A paradise: “élyséen” (French pronunciation e-li-see-on) means beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.

This is my aim for my clients and customers; to help navigate your perfect sanctuary. It’s my turn to now bring your vision to life.

Warmest regards,
Louise Marie Romano

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